The district of Bandirma is located in the Marmara Region, where both the highest general population, the city population, and density rates in Turkey can be observed. Being the home of Istanbul, one of the most prominent metropolises of the globe, the region draws attention with the density, production and development rates of Southern Marmara (the area surrounding Bursa and Balikesir) and Eastern Marmara (Kocaeli-Gebze line).

Overlooking the Marmara Sea and the whole city, the competition site is located in the west of the city centre and is nearly 26 ha. It is within the walking distance of the city centre and the port and is going to be used as a large scale, open public place near the centre of Bandirma.

In addition to its connectivity to the city centre and the port area, the west and southwest of the competition site is surrounded by new housing development areas. It is possible to arrive at the competition site using the Port Way and the Erdek Way. The Port Way is also one of the two main roads which connects the port with the freeway. Thanks to Bandirma’s favourable location, the site is also within 2-3 hours distance from 72 universities located in the surrounding cities. Directly related to the competition site, the existing city centre is one of the most important commercial and industrial places of the region. While agriculture sets the ground for economy in the rural areas, industrial facilities are mostly located around the city centre. One of the important factors for the commercial progress in Bandirma is its busy port and its proximity to close by trade centres.

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