Winners Announced in Bandirma Park Competition

The Balikesir Metropolitan Municipality has announced the winning team of the open international competition to design “ A new park for the future of the city” in Bandirma, Turkey. The design mainly focuses on the Design Institute and the park including also urban functions serving the city such as hotel facilities and retail areas.

The call for ideas for the park that aimed to introduce Bandirma to the world, in parallel to the Municipality’s vision “Brand City Bandirma”, received 125 proposals from 27 countries all over the world. The awarded proposals were selected amongst those that contributed the city’s vision and help bring Bandirma into the world scene, competing with other destination cities.

The winning multi-cultural team with Spanish and Turkish architects, was chosen by the jury panel based on their innovative approach for the Design Institute, the establishment of a connection to the city centre, the sensitivity towards the historical heritage and existing foliage, the ability to create a destination in the city of Bandirma and a robust urban plan, which could adapt to future transformations of the city centre.

The jury assessment was concluded on March 4th in Balikesir, Turkey. Odile Decq (Studio Odile Decq) led the jury panel with the participation of other jury members, Louis Becker (Henning Larsen Architects), Prof. Martin Rein-Cano (Topotek 1), Prof. Dr. Celal Abdi Güzer (METU) and Prof. Guenther Vogt (Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten).

The award ceremony for the competition will be held at Europe’s largest real estate event MIPIM (Cannes) on March 15, 2017 with the participation of the top three prizewinners. The prizes will be handed to winning teams by Mr. Mehmet Özhaseki, Turkish Minister of Environment and Urbanism. Additionally, a conference on the competition process will be held with the participation of jury members. The Colloquium date for the competition will be announced on the official website of the competition.

Mr. Ahmet Edip Uğur, Mayır of Balikesir Metropolitan Municipality, has stated; “We are aiming to create an international design-themed park that attracts the architecture, urban planning, civil engineering schools for theoretical and practical studies, workshops, events, not only in Marmara Region or Turkey but in other countries as well. A theme for a park does not necessarily have to be amusement only. We will build one that contributes to our urban culture, develop research areas for construction and building materials market, become an event centre visited by all relevant professionals and students. This project is in a central position in our future plans for Bandirma. We have future projections for each district in Balikesir, that we are making real one by one, and Bandirma “Design Park” project will be a destination for intellectuals all over the world.”

3 top prices and 7 honorable mentions were awarded in the competition. Prize-winning projects are listed below.

1st prize 360.000 TRY (100.000 €)
2nd prize 250.000 TRY (70.000 €)
3rd prize 145.000 TRY (40.000 €)
1st Honorable Mention 70.000 TRY (20.000 €)
2nd Honorable Mention 70.000 TRY (20.000 €)
3rd Honorable Mention 70.000 TRY (20.000 €)
4th Honorable Mention 70.000 TRY (20.000 €)
5th Honorable Mention 70.000 TRY (20.000 €)
6th Honorable Mention 70.000 TRY (20.000 €)
7th Honorable Mention 70.000 TRY (20.000 €)

1st prize: Zuhal Kol (Architect-Turkey), Carlos Zarco Sanz (Architect-Spain), Jose Luis Hidalgo (Architect-Spain), Meliz Akyol (Landscape Architect-Turkey)


2nd prize: Nilufer Kozikoglu (Architect, Turkey), Azime Tezer (City Planner, Turkey), Ebru Erbas Gurler (Landscape Architect, Turkey), Nazife Tugce Onuk (Landscape Architect, Turkey)


3rd prize: Claudia Ricciardi (Architect – Italy), Marco Tanzilli (Architect – Italy), Jedd W Heap (Architect – USA), Derek Mark Pirozzi (Architect – USA)


1st honourable mention: Can Kubin (City Planner, Turkey), Zeynep Eraydin (City Planner, Turkey), Onur Yuncu (Architect, Turkey), Mehmet A. Ozmen (City Planner, Turkey), Yuksel Cetinkaya (Landscape Architect, Turkey), R. Aytul Baran Ozkan (Architect, Turkey)


2nd honourable mention prize: Aybars Asci (Architect, USA)

3rd honourable mention: Julian Andres Restrepo Molina (Architect, Colombia), Merve Bedir (Architect, The Netherlands/Turkey), Peter Veenstra (Architect, The Netherlands)


4th honourable mention: Umit Tarik Yasar (Landscape Architect – Turkey), Nurhak Inan Karacay (Landscape Architect – Turkey), Ilker Ertugrul (Architect – Turkey)


5th honourable mention: Mehmet Zafer Unal (Architect – Turkey), Cihan Sinan Bostanci (Architect – Turkey)


6th honourable mention: Philip Turner (Architect – UK), Andrew Weston (Architect – UK)


7th honourable mention: João Ferreira Nunes (Landscape Architect – Portugal), Ricardo Bak Gordon (Architect – Portugal)